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The purpose of KAP is to support Kellogg alum with reaching and exceeding their professional goals

About Us

KAP is a private, global, peer-to-peer networking platform for Kellogg alumni. We started KAP because post graduation we missed the interaction with each other discussing our real-world business problems and solutions. KAP is a virtual place for us to connect and collaborate, harnessing the power of the Kellogg network.

We launched the platform in January 2019 and now have over 3,500 members in over 65 countries.

Those who have a degree or certification from Kellogg are eligible to join.

Why members join

Share stories, experiences and ideas with the network. 

Make better decisions around the things that are most important to you.

Make connections to strengthen your network and organization.

Get answers to the things you can’t just Google.

Find inspiration from people like you every day.

Contribute to the community we’re building online and in real life.

What we're doing in the network

This is a network for alum, built by alum - it's yours so utilize it in the way it makes sense for you. 

Members have the ability to create posts - asking questions, looking for connections, finding those with specific expertise and making career connections. Members can also create various polls to gather information from the network. 

We organize virtual Round Table discussions based on member desires. Members have the ability to co-host these events in coordination with KAP and our professional facilitation partner. 

Creating an event within the network is easy and available for all members. Grab your peers and chat about a topic in an efficient and collaborative fashion.

Do you want to connect on a deeper level about a topic, industry or function? Members can join interest groups or create their own. Maybe the 'Future of Healthcare', 'Canada' or 'Travel' group is right for you. Come see what groups have been created or be an innovator and create your own.

We have launched a Deal Flow Room - a private space within the network for entrepreneurs, private equity, venture capital and angel investors. It's a community to make connections, participate in Round Tables, showcase vetted deals and talk all things deal flow.

We have partnered with Regiment, a digital investment bank utilizing a reg-compliant marketplace technology. Our goal is to connect those with capital to companies or specialized experts in target markets with broader investment fund opportunities. Members of this group have access to a broader group of investors through Regiment’s syndicated network as well as the services that are needed to complete deals or funding.

Connecting with other alum is what we do. Are you looking for something specific? A connection, career change or advice? Create a post or search the network to find those who can help.

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Learn More

Looking for more information about KAP and how we can provide value for you and your organization? Contact us at [email protected]

Do you have a unique idea or additional value that we can add to the network? Let's work together and strengthen this global community.

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